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Where to Buy Stamps? It is the 1st question that pops up in your mind when you are living in the US and want to share some postcards with friends who live around the area. You have been started looking for the places to buy stamps in the US. There are plenty of locations in the USA where you can buy postage stamps. All you need to do is to locate the places which sell stamps. Often, you can find postage stamps at the post office, local pharmacies, retailers, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, and Banks.


Postal Stamps; A Quick History

Earlier, the stamps postal service began in the US, after some time the Government introduced adhesive Postal Stamps on July 1, 1847, in the denominations of 5 and 10 cents, with the use of stamps made mandatory in 1855.


Where can I Buy Stamps

There are two major places from where you can buy postal stamps.

Buy Stamps Online at Amazon.com

Where Can I Buy Stamps Amazon
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Amazon is the easiest source of buying postal stamp online. If you need more than 1 or 2 stamps or a full sheet, Amazon is the best place for it. Just visit the website, search for your stamp and make an order. That’s It.


Buy Stamps at USPS

Where Can I Buy Stamps USPS
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United States Postal Service is one of the oldest sources to buy postal stamps in an America. You can buy as many as postal stamps from USPS. In case the post office is far, you can book stands from USPS.com also. The user can find the same collection of stamps at community-based post offices as he will at The Postal Store.


Where to buy Stamps Near Me?

Along with Amazon and USPS, there are some other places where you can buy postal stamps. You will get a wide variety of stamps according to your need and choice. The most important thing – These places are easily available near your locality.

LocationsTypeHours of OperationStore Locator
AmazonOnline Store24 HoursBuy Stamps Online
USPSPost Office9am – 5pmPost Office Near Me
WalgreensPharmacy8am – 10pmWalgreens Near Me
CVSPharmacy8am – 10pmCVS Near Me
WalmartGeneral Store24 HoursWalmart Near Me
KrogerGrocery Store7am – 9pmKroger Store Near Me
Bank of AmericaBank9am – 5pmBOFA Near Me
StaplesOffice Supply Store8am – 9pmStaples Store Near Me
Office DepotOffice Supply Store8am – 9pmOffice Depot Near Me
ATM’sATM24 Hours-

Postal Stamps at Pharmacies or Drugstores –

Where Can I Buy Stamps Pharmacies
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There is an assumption that pharmacies only provide medicines and health products. But in the US, you can also get postal stamps at Drugstores. Although, not all the pharmacies sell stamps but CVS, Walgreen, and RiteAid.


CVS could be the 1st choice. In case you don’t know, you can’t cash in your loyalty points to buy Postal stamps a CVS. The Reward points are reserved only for medical and health products. In fact, you won’t be able to buy stamps from CVS website.


The same rule applied to Walgreens pharmacy. Most Walgreen stores may have booklets. You need to buy those booklets if available.


Does WallMart Sell Stamps?

Where To Buy Stamps Near Me WalMart
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The answer is YES! If you are in the US, you must be aware of Wallmart. It would be in your locality. You just need to visit the store and you will get all the necessary things along with stamps i.e. Postcards, envelope, papers, and Utensil. It is one of the easiest sources to buy stamps.

Buy Postage Stamps at Grocery Stores

Where To Buy Stamps Near Me Grocery Stores
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The US has some really large Grocery store chains in the world. Kroger is one of them. You can buy Stamps at Kroger stores. They sell booklets in which you will get 20 postal stamps. Remember, just make a call before the visit to confirm the availability and save your time.


Find Office Supplies/ Book Stationery Near You You

Where Can I Buy Stamps
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I know this should come earlier, but now most of the office retail suppliers sell stamps. They do have a wide variety of stamps; you’ll definitely found one for yourself. Some office retail suppliers that you can try are Office Depot, Staples and Office Max.


Postal Stamps at the US Banks

Where To Buy Stamps US Banks
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If you are living in the America, you must know that postage stamps are also available at the American Banks. Banks like U.S Bank, Key Bank, and Wells Fargo where you can buy booklets. Keep one thing in mind, before visiting the bank you should call the bank to know if your desire stamps are available and in which branch.


Postal Stamps at Target Stores

Where Can You Buy Stamps
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Target cooperation is the 2nd largest discount retailer after Wallmart. They also sell postal stamps. But there is a condition for buying postage stamps at Target Stores – You have to buy a full bundle of 200 stamps which would cost you around $100.

Postal Stamps at ATMs

Where Can You Buy Postal Stamps
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As of now only very fewer and newer ATMs are selling stamps and that too only in west cost part. However, the old ATM spots do not sell stamps.


Locate Gas Station Near You

 Where To Buy Stamps Local Gas Station
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Although, not all the gas station in USA sell postal stamps. You could be lucky if the gas station near you have one. It could be the best place to buy postage stamps if you are travelling from one place to another.

What are the Packages of Postal Stamps Available in US?

There are three categories in which stamps packages are divided. You can buy the number of stamps according to your need –

  • Roll – A roll of stamps is a bundle of 10 stamps.
  • Book – A book of stamps consists of 20 pieces.
  • Coil – A coil is a large set, which comes with 10,000 stamps.


How much do postage stamps cost?


The postage stamp costs have been raised a lot as compared to the past because the demand for the postage stamps has become lessened due to the rise of the electronic mailing system. However, sharing postcards is still a tradition in the US.


Here are the cost trends for postage stamps today:

  • For Domestic Mailing – costs $0.30 to $0.90. Each additional ounce will cost $0.21.
  • For Domestic Shipping – for flat rate envelopes and packages the price could reach up to $22.